Scientific Surfaces and High Pressure Laminates (HPL) AIA Training

You are invited to learn about Scientific Surfaces and the Uniqueness of High Pressure Laminates (HPL), presented by Trespa and Peerless Hi-Temp. 

Trespa is one of the leading innovators in the field of architectural materials, recognized internationally as a premier manufacturer of high quality panes for exterior cladding, decorative facades, and scientific solutions. 

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Earn AIA Learning Credits

This presentation will go over the uniqueness of high-pressure laminates and the specifics of Phenolic Resin Panels. Design or renovate your next laboratory with Trespa’s modern and innovative solid phenolic panel products. Upon completion, participants will earn one (1) AIA credit and can expect to:

  • Learn Specifics of Phenolic Resin Panels
  • Properties of Phenolic Resin Panels
  • High Profile Projects installed with Phenolic Resin Panels
  • Maintenance of Surface
  • Manufacturing Process
  • Applications
  • Q & A

About Us

Peerless Hi-Temp Fabrication LLC is owned and operated in Buffalo, New York and specializes in the fabrication and distribution of non-metallic materials and scientific surfaces. 

Our fabrication shop makes a wide variety of specialty products including scientific surfaces and laboratory tops for use in laboratories, classrooms and medical spaces.

Peerless Hi-Temp
Peerless, Inc.